Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The secret life of the American Teenager

As stupid as this may seem, I cant get enough of that show! It’s sooooo addicting! I stay up to about 5 am catching up on my shows on youtube. Everytime I swear off that thats gonna be my last episode for the night, they end the episode ina cliff hanger and I have to clink on the next link to find out what happens…. Ugh, I feel like addict feenign for her fix!

So I’m debaing whether to clue you in on whats the whole story about.. who am I kidding, you know i am!

So it’s start off with Ricky and Amy having sex at band camp. Amy gets pregnant, Ricky is on and off again dating this easy girl named Adrian once they get back to high school. Amy starts dating Ben, some rich little white boy. Ben and ricky become friends, for the sake of the baby, john. Jack, a christian football start in high school is dating the christian cheerleader in highschool, Grace.. somewhat perfect couple…. then they split up. Some how Grace starts speaking to Ricky. Grace and Adrian dont like each other. Madison, one of AMys bestfriends starts dating Jack. Madison doesnt want Grace and Jack to be friends. Adrian and Ben have sex in a car when Amy and Ben are on a break because Adrian found out Ricky kissed Amy. Adrian ends up getting pregnant with Bens baby…its a big old mess!

Monday, September 13, 2010

hey guys..

yes, its been awhile.I recently just got wordpress.... so you guys should check that out..Im still getting used to it...

Of course, I'll still be posting up here... so stay faithful and keep those comments coming.