Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The secret life of the American Teenager

As stupid as this may seem, I cant get enough of that show! It’s sooooo addicting! I stay up to about 5 am catching up on my shows on youtube. Everytime I swear off that thats gonna be my last episode for the night, they end the episode ina cliff hanger and I have to clink on the next link to find out what happens…. Ugh, I feel like addict feenign for her fix!

So I’m debaing whether to clue you in on whats the whole story about.. who am I kidding, you know i am!

So it’s start off with Ricky and Amy having sex at band camp. Amy gets pregnant, Ricky is on and off again dating this easy girl named Adrian once they get back to high school. Amy starts dating Ben, some rich little white boy. Ben and ricky become friends, for the sake of the baby, john. Jack, a christian football start in high school is dating the christian cheerleader in highschool, Grace.. somewhat perfect couple…. then they split up. Some how Grace starts speaking to Ricky. Grace and Adrian dont like each other. Madison, one of AMys bestfriends starts dating Jack. Madison doesnt want Grace and Jack to be friends. Adrian and Ben have sex in a car when Amy and Ben are on a break because Adrian found out Ricky kissed Amy. Adrian ends up getting pregnant with Bens baby…its a big old mess!

Monday, September 13, 2010

hey guys..

yes, its been awhile.I recently just got wordpress.... so you guys should check that out..Im still getting used to it...

Of course, I'll still be posting up here... so stay faithful and keep those comments coming.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It's been time for a change.. and I'm doing something about it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Body Art done by me, Minx


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Im tired of you always playing the victim. Monopoly doesnt even give you as many chances as i have. Time seems a little faster and slower at the same time. Time, i def have that now. Time to put the past benind me. Time to think about myself. Time to laugh without having to hear a lecture later. Time, to walk away. For now atleast. As much as i love you , you gotta go. Learn. Grow. Mature. Find yourself. Find patience. Find control. Find God. I cant always be your rock even though i want to be. Rocks can still break, no matter how hard the exterior might seem.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


ebay logo Pictures, Images and Photos
OOOO man, I have soooo much to tell you!
I got my bike, yay! SO i been strutting my stuff down the street, looking as cute as ever... [ did that sound conceited? oh well! ]
Sooo... I finally signed up for ebay.. And I told myself I would control myself, but it's so addicting...
I look up cute jewelry, purses, art supplies, even sheets for my bed... I've been in a polka dot phase I just cant prevent. I need an ebay intervention quick before things get out of hand.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow, It's been 2 months....

Sorry guys, Just been busy workign and stuff.. I'mn at work now as I write this. I know I promised you guys a contest, and that will come soon. I just dont want to advertise it now, when lately I havent producing as much work I was used to in the art department. Just because I don't take thetime out to update you guys, doesnt mean i forgot about you all... I been jottin down all my personal thoughts and keeping them organized in a journal... like I've done since 5Th grade. =]
Work is good, Couldnt be better.. i wmjoy it, especially all the free food.. Def cant complain about that.
MommaMinx and I have been gettin along much better. Which I'm really grateful for...Actually for my birthday like 3 weeks ago I dragged to come dancing with me at the famous Latin Quarters. We had fun.
The bf... is good. That's all I can say, before he chops my head off. We have our ups and downs but what relationship doesnt? Sometimes I wanna smack him upside the head ...Sometimes I'm pretty sure he wants to see me fall and bust my ass. But we love each other. in % days actually, we'll be making a year. So yay us.... and Yay, some tequila! I'mma need it =]
My art,like I've mentioned before has been on its downside.. I have so many ideas floating up there in my head.. I just can't seem to jot them down on paper, let alone pain them out.. In time, I'll make due.
But for now, I gotta go, My shift is officially over and my replacement has just atrived.
And don't mind my sloppy typewriting, I was in a rush... Later Blog heads.
Ps. I might be getting a bicycle soon... yay!

Friday, February 26, 2010


click Pictures, Images and Photos
Ugh,I know,I know, I know....don't be upset with me. I've been sooo busy working, and I got orders coming in back and forth. Not that I'm complaining. I always need new customers. So now that you know what Im up to, I'm gonna let ya in on a little secret. Soon, not now... But soon, I'm gonna be holding a little contest for all you guys. One of you luck readers will win a prize.
Or maybe 2. =]
Stay tuned, Because later on I will announce the rules and what ya have to do.
Later Blog heads.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks Tag , Here's the Video

Me at work. Enjoy.Go visit

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This One is for you Jazzy

So if the way to a man's heart is through his stomach; then the way to a Woman's heart must be through her feet: Cause I know I'm a SUCKER for a good foot massage and a new pair of shoes ♥ lol*

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The "V" should stand for verdict, or vapid. Everyone waits around for
Valentines day to come around, for what? To go crazy. Wait to see what
their lovers got them, make a verict if they should keep em or not. O,
he didn't buy me anything, he doesn't care. Dump.
Omg, he bought me flowers, candy, a teddybear, balloons, perfume. He's a
Sorry people. Sorry females. That's vapid.
Valentines day should be everyday. Show someone you love and care about
them, all the time. You don't need a holiday to remind you to be extra
nice to that person.
That's pure bullshit.
How was my valentines day?
In the morning, I woke, met up with the boo, cooked breakfast, like I
usually do on a sunday after church, watched a movie, and once 230 hit,
I was on my way to work. That's it.
I show him I love him all the time, whenever he pops into my head.
Not once a year when everybody decided to go apeshit and buy everything
in the rack that has the colors red and pink.
Happy 365.
Not happy valentines.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Newest Work

Funny, because I truly had to make this work to the best of my ability. I'm not crazy about it.
I packed all my supplies and headed to Tag's. He was filming this production for graffaholiks...
which you should check out by the way,
And when I got there, guess what I forgot?
Lying in my bed , all ready to go, but not inside my bag.... my brushes.
fuck my life.
I had no brushes.
So this little experiment was made with my fingers, q-tips and and eyeliner.
I had to make it work.
lolololol o man. talk about improvising and plain old ghetto. =]

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ask me anything, annonymously

Pole Dance Hero

Kid:Mommy mommy...[tugs on her dress]
When I grow up I wanna be a stripper...
Mom: Well, why wait... lets get you practing now!
Kid: yay!

C'mon.. you fucking kidding me.... Have they run out of ideas for games. The latest game from the Hero collection is now Pole dance hero , from adult swim.
Here's the link if you wanna try a teaser.
I had to try it... apparently i'm not a good stripper. i fell off the stage and threw up.
How nice.
You even hear the background of all the men chattin it up drunk laughing....hahahaha
It's good, if you're stuck at an office job and fins yourself bored in your cubicle for 5 minutes. either way, wow.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Made Me Laugh...

I can't stand when guys wear their pants low... closer to their knees than to teir actual waist.
So when my boyfriend sent me this link... I had to post it up for ya to see.
Enjoy bloggers.