Sunday, February 14, 2010


The "V" should stand for verdict, or vapid. Everyone waits around for
Valentines day to come around, for what? To go crazy. Wait to see what
their lovers got them, make a verict if they should keep em or not. O,
he didn't buy me anything, he doesn't care. Dump.
Omg, he bought me flowers, candy, a teddybear, balloons, perfume. He's a
Sorry people. Sorry females. That's vapid.
Valentines day should be everyday. Show someone you love and care about
them, all the time. You don't need a holiday to remind you to be extra
nice to that person.
That's pure bullshit.
How was my valentines day?
In the morning, I woke, met up with the boo, cooked breakfast, like I
usually do on a sunday after church, watched a movie, and once 230 hit,
I was on my way to work. That's it.
I show him I love him all the time, whenever he pops into my head.
Not once a year when everybody decided to go apeshit and buy everything
in the rack that has the colors red and pink.
Happy 365.
Not happy valentines.

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