Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow, It's been 2 months....

Sorry guys, Just been busy workign and stuff.. I'mn at work now as I write this. I know I promised you guys a contest, and that will come soon. I just dont want to advertise it now, when lately I havent producing as much work I was used to in the art department. Just because I don't take thetime out to update you guys, doesnt mean i forgot about you all... I been jottin down all my personal thoughts and keeping them organized in a journal... like I've done since 5Th grade. =]
Work is good, Couldnt be better.. i wmjoy it, especially all the free food.. Def cant complain about that.
MommaMinx and I have been gettin along much better. Which I'm really grateful for...Actually for my birthday like 3 weeks ago I dragged to come dancing with me at the famous Latin Quarters. We had fun.
The bf... is good. That's all I can say, before he chops my head off. We have our ups and downs but what relationship doesnt? Sometimes I wanna smack him upside the head ...Sometimes I'm pretty sure he wants to see me fall and bust my ass. But we love each other. in % days actually, we'll be making a year. So yay us.... and Yay, some tequila! I'mma need it =]
My art,like I've mentioned before has been on its downside.. I have so many ideas floating up there in my head.. I just can't seem to jot them down on paper, let alone pain them out.. In time, I'll make due.
But for now, I gotta go, My shift is officially over and my replacement has just atrived.
And don't mind my sloppy typewriting, I was in a rush... Later Blog heads.
Ps. I might be getting a bicycle soon... yay!

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