Saturday, December 13, 2008

Graffin Ladies

I gotta give much respect to all the female writers that are out there...the game is filled with too many men, we have to take over ladies.
I must admit, being a lady writers has its pros and cons.... for instance.... u look less suspicious when u about to go bombing, you walking around with a huge purse seems normal.... the bad, its a lil tougher to get respect from the guys in the graff world,if a girl gets no respect, shes considered easy, a smut, a whore...if a guy gets no respect he's just plain toy... see where I'm coming from?? What does sex have to do with the matter? absolutely nothing. Male writers tend to think with their penis...yes, I said it. They don't help either,you know what it aiint even about the writer, FEM and I were talkin bout this earlier these guy writers just want a female writer as a gf...
1. cuz they have stuff in common..
2. they can bomb together, go home and chill, what more can they ask for?
3. it looks better as a tag team'
4. they gonna be fucking a writer
5. sometimes, and this may not always be the case, they'll get more fame...
graffiti is filled with rumors, It's worse than those cheerleaders who tortured your'e life all through high school. it's so fuckin stupid
i hate that shit
i really fucking hate it...
All that mattered was getting up, the trains, your name, your crew, your point.
Spreading my legs has nothing to do with it, and it's going to stay that way.I love the art that my soul possesses,and I will never stop doing what i do.

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