Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Story

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So while talking to a friend online... I had to post our conversation...It reminded me soo much of how I fell in love with graff in the first place. . . And sometimes remembering why and how you first started, makes you fallin love with it all over again.. Just as if it was any other friendship and / or relationship.

DL167: So how u got into graff? How long u been writing
me: well i first got into graff when i was in 6th grade. and i been writing since i was 9th , 10th around there
DL167: That's hot
me: lol.. the first time i really noticed it..
me: i was late to school... 6th grade.. missed the cheese
DL167: Lmao Word
me: my mother was bitchin at me for being late, she told me.. get out of my sight.. so i took it as ..leave
me: u feel me??? so i left...i never took a train by myself.Until that day so i didnt know u had to pay.....
DL167: And you seen all da roofies with grafff Or something
me: i look maaa little and lost with a big old back pack.... and i bump in to a friend... who was my first crush ever.. and he pays for me.. and we take the train together
DL167: Aww That's sweet
me: and im staring out the windows... and im blushin already , cuz he was next to me.. we were best friends...we always flirted with each other.. but we never did anything.. i was in 6th grade lol
DL167: Lol
me: so im starin out the window... and i see all the graff... i didnt knwo what it was... i just saw all the colors... and i loved how it looked... it looked like the city was gray and someone had drawn all over it like a coloring book and i fell in love with the scene..never knowing that i was gonna be doing the same thing one day lololol
DL167: Word
me: ahhhh! corny ..i know! lololol well thats my story
DL167: Lmfao Na its dope Its the love for this grafff shit Its deep It means different things 2 eeveryone And everyone has a story about it And its dope
me:so whats urs?
DL167: To hear everyones story And seee how passionate nd the love ppl got for it
me: my story is maa girly: lol
DL167: Well I didn't no shit about graffiti Untill my sophmore year in hs 10th grade At the end My elemetary skool best friend transfered 2 my hs And he graffed So he put me down in his crew So I just destroyed the skool And dats it Only did it wen I was wit him I wasn't into it like dat Just being a rebel I guess And a bad ass So I did it for the hek of it So I transfered end of that year: and never did graff Cuz u no i Only did it cuz my bst friend did I did it for a semester Then I moved to staten island Started seeing Goal and gano and sems peices All over shaolin This was in summer of 07 And im like o shit Dope
so I got into bombin on my own Cuz im like dam im in staten all alone I don't no anyone here Fuck it So I started bombin out here Got my fame here Then went 2 a graff show out here And meet all da peicers From there I got into peicin So I kinda started Oout of nowhere And backwards I started peicin 1st Then I stopped And started workin on my handstyles And throwies And kept pieces and drawing So I been writin for 2 years Yea is a weird story I just decided to start bombin cuz I was bored And all a legal walls out here got me hype
me: lol so u liked the rush of it all i guess you can say
DL167: I gotta get my hands on some
DL167: I want u 2 piece my book up
DL167: With them chicks u b drawing
DL167: They dope
me: thanks.i got u one day
DL167: Yea Just let me no when ever your down We can meet in soho or some shit
me: ii. sounds good.of course im not going alone
DL167: Yea no doubt
me: ill bring my man wit me
DL167: Even better A 2 pager
me: lol
DL167: 3 heads Callabo* Does he piece too
me: yea
DL167: Good. We gotta get dis callabo started
me: lol.. ill talk to him about it. so we can set something up
DL167: Iight cool No problem

So with this said... I'm ready... I got my cans waiting for me... and my partner in crime on the other line...
later blogheads.

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