Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Am A Strong Woman


Yes, I am.

I've been through alot,and as tuff as it is to keep moving forward i keep going. I never realized how much I went through until now, searching through old journals i used to write in religeously.

I've been kicked out my house

I've been homeless

I've dropped out of school

I've lost many jobs

I've had physical fights with family members

I've been through abusive relationships, both emotionally and physically

I've been working since the age of 15.

I've paid for all that I wear.

I've been back stabbed,

I've been jumped,

I've been scarred,

I've climbed roofs.

I've hopped gates.

I've been heart broken way too many times.

But guess what?


Royal Empress said...

Awww Minxy *hugs*. We have way more in common than I thought. I've been there too. I cried when I needed a room all alone, at work in the bathroom when the rage was out of control, while driving in my car during an ice storm and when she decided to hear me out, in my mother's arms. I got tired of being tough after the age of 27. I am human therefore it is natural to react. Some people are lucky I cried instead of flipping out on them!! Lucky them I decided not to be on the front page of the papers.

None the less, I press on. You're strong so you will too. Don't worry hun, things will change for the better...even when you least expect it. You have my info. I'm always wiling to listen.



minxy said...

thanks hun, i appreciate it a whole bunch

J-A-M said...

i truly respect both of u, i always promote strong women nowadays, not to suck up or nuthin, i just grew up wit a divorced mom whos been thru alot of shit and she stays BX strong!!! keep it up guys=)