Monday, May 4, 2009


i love your mom tree Pictures, Images and Photos
I think you should be so grateful that your mom has enough patience and love to deal with what she had to deal with tonight....
Knowin the whole situation and our line of work,
not supporting it,
but still supportin you,
that shows great character....
I honestly think you should be kissin her feet.
knowin any other mother,
includin my own,
would've let me rot in that jail cell.
sayin that i deserve what i get,
not to call her,
dont ask her for help,
and when or if I ever get out,
to start packin my bags cuz im out the house, and unto the streetss....
you really are blessed that your mom cares sooo much for your well being.
I would give anything to have the relationship you and your mother have.

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