Friday, July 31, 2009

I Think It's Time....

I haven't been out clubbin in a month.... I need me some stress relief.... and dancing is just the way to do it... thats my work out for the week as well... I gotta love me some spanish music!
I got a new dress, I think I'ma rock it tonight... why waste it right?
It aint even about the guys, It ain't even about the drinks...
Its about the dancing, the laughing and having some fun...
Guys in clubs are worthless, the drinks are over priced and mostly blended with water so more can spare.... im good...
I gotta a good man at home, and a nice cold corona in my fridge with my name all over it.
What more can i ask for?
I hit up my homegirl MRS and its time for me to finally see her strut her stuff!
Sometimes we gotta drop the montanas and rustos and pick up some make-up and heels!
Tonight we gonna have some fun!
let me let you go, I gotta start getting ready!

1 comment:

TeeKayElle InQue said...

millie it's great that you living life and shit partying and such...but im not gonna be fake and act like your cold shoulder isn't bothering me now after 3 weeks and now i see you making time for other people and not your true friends... just becuz what happened with the roomies things ,you dont got to be nasty to me for i have done nothing to you but tried to work with you in the house and been contacting you and your little boy-friend for days wondering how you been doing. You go keep wasting your time with those low life graff writers and watch them leave you and you'll see who your true friends really better then what you hold yourself as and im truly am insulted and i feel like i dont even know you anymore!!! its been 5 years and you treating me like leftover shit and your putting dumb niggas before me/us and treating us like a gem truly amazing millicent!