Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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So i was talkin to one of my boos[my sister] whos currently in Dominican Republic having the time of her life, while I'm all stressed out, dealin with dumb shit and being broke in New York.
I'm truly jealous, and I'm not afraid to admit it.
From hearin all of her boy stories... which are alot by the way,
to her all drinking and hanging out... I know she havin the time of her life.
Even though I'm happy for her, I'm wishing I was over there as well...
Last time I was over there and seen my family was eleven years ago.
Even though I might talk to them, over the internet like what, every other 3 months.
Its diff. when you're in person.... for God sakes, last time they saw me, my boobs were'nt even growing in...
Not that I have alot now, but they make due.....atleast thats what my bf says.... hahahhaha
Anyways, she's been gone for a month now,
and comes back home manana
thank goodness, I miss my gossip queen...
I have no idea how I have been makin due without her .... shes like my own personal diary.
And, we def. have soooo much to catch up on.... this month has had many ups and downs...talk about roller coaster...
from bf drama, to family drama, to roommate drama,to job drama, to being broke all the damn time..... fuuuuck!
Im pretty sure she has some juicy stories for me.. more than she has mentioned on the phone. All, I know is that, that bitch def. betta have some pictures... or imma be whippin her ass back over there.

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