Monday, November 23, 2009

Potato Salad

Ugh. Thanksgiving is only three days away. As excited as I am, I'm also dreading it.
Thanksgiving is about family and friends. I feel like I have slowly dropped all of mines. I care for them so much, but lately I've been straying from keeping a connection with anybody.
And what is my excuse? Nothing really, Just laziness, plus having a boyfriend takes a lot of my time, not that I'm complaining.
Even if it's not the laziness, there's no budget for me to even think about going anywhere outside my home.
I remember when I was younger, My mother will make this big feast. And I will be there helping out, usually making the potato salad. I think that's all she really trusted me to make.
Even doing something so simple I will ask a million and one questions... What do I do now? How should I cut the carrots? That's not too big? Why do we have to put apples? Why so much mayo? And in her head I bet she's thinking..."Shut the fuck up and just make it already!" My potato salad is banging. Thanks to all the slaps upside my head.
Last Thanksgiving was ehhhh. I spent about an hour in my house, and the rest with an ex boyfriend who turned out to be a prick. The year before that I actually enjoyed. I was with MY family. No one elses. It was quiet [ except for the mega mezcla blasting in the background ] No turkey, No pernil [ I love me some pernil ! ] No big feast, just a regular dinner, with my loved ones.
As for this year, as much as I loved two years ago. I actually want to have fun. I want to dance. I want to chill with my beautiful cousins for once. I want to laugh my night away. I'm debating if I should take a 2 hour and a half train ride to Brooklyn to do that though. Which is not a problem. It's just the ride back that's a bitch... when you're all tired from the 'i-tis", half drunk, half hair messed up, half make up done, half gone, and you have half a heel left from wasting it down from dancing. Not that thats happened to me. It hasn't. Atleast not yet. hahahahhahaha.
Or, I guess, i can just stay here.

Brooklyn it is.
Now..... what should I wear?

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