Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I wanna do b4 i die

look up at the sky at night through an expensive telescope

fall in love in paris

go on a road trip with my girlfriends

play in mud

play in the rain

ride in the back of a motorcycle

be inside the statue of liberty

go to a drive in movie theatre

take my mother on a full day of pampering

hot wire a car

ride in a hot air balloon

beat someones ass real good

shower under a waterfall

paint a famous painting that will last through history

ride in a helicopter

walk in the beach at night

take tango classes

recieve flowers for no reason

shoot something

have a roller blading party, with hot pants, tube socks disco balls and afros

learn to drive a stick shift

swim with dolphins

ride a horse along side the beach

take salsa classes

write a childrens book

take a candle light bubble bath with someone I love and toast on champagne

visit ALL the states, take a picture, and collect a postcard from each one

go skinny dipping with friends

live in London for a year

kiss my lover at the top of a ferris wheel

learn how to cook

save alot of my own money

reward myself later

try to learn how to surf

see a real volcano

have my portrait painted

in that note, paint a self portrait

plant a tree

understand my religion

go camping

be the boss

ride a mechanical bull

go skiing/snowboarding

own a house with a very high ceiling

donate blood

have a street named after me

discover my lifes purpose

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