Sunday, November 29, 2009

Straight Up Frustrated and Lost

I dont know if I should let it go, or keep fighting for something I want to be there so badly, but it doesnt seem to be there at all.
Its not that Im gonna bother looking for it anywhere else. because that is not my intention. but the intent is to not stress myself and break my self and try to mold something that will never form the shape i truly desire.or try to mold something that was never meant to take the form of anything else i the first place. someone once told me, "You want to be happy, but you dont want to go out and look for it, your tryin so hard to be happy with what you have now, that you will never be satisfied or contempt "
Those are some wise words I did not comprehend at the time, but I am sure I understand now.
As much as I realize these words are true, I still dont want them to be, and I still struggle to prove that person wrong. So why dont you help me, help us, So we can finally be happy, together.

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