Friday, July 31, 2009

I Think It's Time....

I haven't been out clubbin in a month.... I need me some stress relief.... and dancing is just the way to do it... thats my work out for the week as well... I gotta love me some spanish music!
I got a new dress, I think I'ma rock it tonight... why waste it right?
It aint even about the guys, It ain't even about the drinks...
Its about the dancing, the laughing and having some fun...
Guys in clubs are worthless, the drinks are over priced and mostly blended with water so more can spare.... im good...
I gotta a good man at home, and a nice cold corona in my fridge with my name all over it.
What more can i ask for?
I hit up my homegirl MRS and its time for me to finally see her strut her stuff!
Sometimes we gotta drop the montanas and rustos and pick up some make-up and heels!
Tonight we gonna have some fun!
let me let you go, I gotta start getting ready!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Central Park Date

central park
So we walked, alot! If I could reach the sun I probably would've beat her up! Bitch was not playing!
And worst of all I was wearing black, so i just took that off, and stayed with my purple lil strapless...
It's been awhile since we've spent time together, alone. We def. needed that, it brung us together...and I'm not ashamed to say, that I missed you sooo much.
You felt so far away, things have been going sour....
hopefully that our little date has passed things will be a lil sweeter.
I loved your kisses today. Your lips were nice, plump and juicy...all that I been missing...
and of course, a lil more~ hehehehehe, yes, im'a lil pervert sometimes.
We listened to the music in the background, there was a concert going on behind us, but that didnt matter because for once, since a very long time, we felt as if we were alone, just us.
No, lil bros, no lil sisters, no moms, no friends, no phone calls, no instant messages, no emails...
it was just us... and I loved every single bit of it.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

if this isnt love then what is it?

Sometimes it gets frustrating.Like you just wanna pull your head off
life in my head Pictures, Images and Photos
I know we live and we learn...
For Some reason, i been feeling really lubby dubby lately...
and watchin chick flicks all day doesnt make it any better, when all those happy endings dont happen in real life...
You want that special guy to know when you're feeling blue, and he always knows what to say, when to say it, what not to say, when not to say it....
in real life that doesnt happen, you get pointed fingers at, and you end up apologizing for emotions that your're feeling.
in movies, the guy chases you down the street, bridge, half the world, to tell you that he's loved you since blah blah real life.. they say "fuck you, I could do better anyway!"
in movies, you get that look...yeah, you know what im talkin about... that look makes any girls heart go all goey... when he stares deep into your eyes, and no words are needed... you both feel the crazy real life you even attempt to do that, you get " what are you lookin at so damn much?" or "you got an eye booger right there, no no , not there, there....okay you got it now".
In movies I want my spirit to be free with you, in real life, you want to choke the person.
In movies you believe, in real life you doubt.
In movies you wish and it comes true, in real life you pray, and hope for the best.
Don't you sometimes wish you lived your life in a movie???
Well, I do.... It'll never happen of course....
I guess settling for less, settling for real life is all a girl can do these days.
All the chivalry, prince charmings and shining armors are stuck in those fairy tales your mom used to read you to sleep when you were younger.
The thing is, you grow up listening and soakin up all thats fairy tale bullshit, once you get older, you look lost askin yourself.... where is it? where is he?
ehhh, whatever.
I know life isn't perfect, love def. isn't perfect either, I know it's hard and it's something two people have to work hard at to make happen.
Trust me I know all of this, it's not like im just fantasizing with my head stuck in t he clouds... I know the deal.
Thats why a girl has to settle for real life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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So i was talkin to one of my boos[my sister] whos currently in Dominican Republic having the time of her life, while I'm all stressed out, dealin with dumb shit and being broke in New York.
I'm truly jealous, and I'm not afraid to admit it.
From hearin all of her boy stories... which are alot by the way,
to her all drinking and hanging out... I know she havin the time of her life.
Even though I'm happy for her, I'm wishing I was over there as well...
Last time I was over there and seen my family was eleven years ago.
Even though I might talk to them, over the internet like what, every other 3 months.
Its diff. when you're in person.... for God sakes, last time they saw me, my boobs were'nt even growing in...
Not that I have alot now, but they make due.....atleast thats what my bf says.... hahahhaha
Anyways, she's been gone for a month now,
and comes back home manana
thank goodness, I miss my gossip queen...
I have no idea how I have been makin due without her .... shes like my own personal diary.
And, we def. have soooo much to catch up on.... this month has had many ups and about roller coaster...
from bf drama, to family drama, to roommate drama,to job drama, to being broke all the damn time..... fuuuuck!
Im pretty sure she has some juicy stories for me.. more than she has mentioned on the phone. All, I know is that, that bitch def. betta have some pictures... or imma be whippin her ass back over there.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

So This Was My Day....

Union Square is pretty interesting....
Can you believe this dude sits in his chair....all day..harrasin dudes to play him in chess...
and then he charges him 5 bucks.
So, i kept walking and some chick walkin in front of me def. caught my eye... atleast her tats
a purple ribbon with a pink buttonin the middle. wonder what it means to her
check em out....
sweeeeet right???
Now this one.....this one right here.....this dude caught my eye...
well, everynoes eye actually.
def. had me laughing....
I know youve heard of the cat in the hat by dr.seuss.....well in this case
his cat IS the hat...hahahahha
Goes to show... aint no where like Ny.
later bloggers.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fuck Your Life

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props to muszka photography for this pic
Fuck Pictures, Images and Photos
you know what, I'm just tired....
I'm gonna stop giving a fuck about people in general.
At the end of the day, no one really gives a shit,
am i right , or am i right?
Every single night it's some other shit...
I'm pretty damn sure once i start acting like a bitch people will actually leave me the fuck alone.
I don't wake up in the morning and get dressed to please you.
I could give two shits if you make more money than me,
which leg goes in your pants first,
who you fucked last night,
what pretty paper is hangin on your wall with your name on it,
if you wipe your ass backwards or forward first
So, in conclusion, here I go...
FUCK Pictures, Images and Photos