Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday The 13th Will Always Be Better Than February The 14th.

My Friday the 13th was sweeeet.... even though I got stood up.. it became much better than i expected....Watching scary movies, and laughing hysterically, would always be better, than this :
My valentines day this year, will not be celebrated. I personally have nothing against the holiday, But why would I celebrate it, with no one special by my side....
Yes, I was asked by a number of people to be their valentine...but I gladly said no... to every single one of them.... It would'nt be the same, and who will I be fooling? Fake smiles are just what described, fake... their only temporary. So let me enjoy my Saturday, and get rid of all the red and pink shit, and I will be forever grateful =]

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M.HeartStar said...

Omg my favorite post!!!