Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here I Go, Catching Up Again...

Been so busy lately, but I know my blog was missing me, so I had to show it some attention... =]
Grandfather passed away, so lifes been, ehhhh... my parents are devastated.
Monday: Back to school, back to the same routine. Classes are longer, which means more boredom.
Tuesday:I had to buy some kicks,my feet were so sad that they wasn't gettin no love... so atleast now, I'm feeling a lil bit better.
Went bombing, but I think I may have like the first stage of frost bite on my finger...shut is killing me, I can't take the fucking pain...So, I decided to look it up.Google is my best friend. It helps me thru everything from boredom, to lil gift ideas for loved ones to now a frost bitten finger.
So i decided to bless ya, with a song... enjoy!

"Untouched" Official Music Video - The Veronicas

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