Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Gotta Say..

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Life is good. I really can't complain. Yeah it gets lonely sometimes, but so what? who needs that extra stress in life? I can manage being by myself and still be happy. I'm def. in no rush to even start talking to any body. For what, especially now, since i can't trust no body..... I just think it's interesting how love can be the happiest thing ever, and also be the most painful, yet every one keeps searching for it..But anyways, I'm good... school is good, bout to be out ! Thank God! Finally gettin that over with..
My mom, comes home tomorrow, and I do miss her...I know I can do fine without her, But I do miss her presence.
Right now, I'm jamming to some Anthony Santos, el baile de perrito.... Gettin me in the mood to dance....
Now I'm feening to go to a spanish party...
It's been awhile =]
Plus, now, I def. have some free time to chill with my friends, I know they missing me... especially since they drive me crazy telling me so. I gotta make it up to them..
I just can't wait till my birthday. I never make a big deal about it, it's always like a regular day to me... But one of my home boys wants to go all out, so he's planning a nice night out the day before... I just hope nothing goes wrong and I enjoy myself. No drama needed.
I've been going nuts, trying to design a tattoo that I'll be crazy about, and not regret in time.... I know a lot of tat heads so I know the artist wont be a problem... but I'll keep thinking bout it. And of course get back to you.
Later blog heads.

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