Sunday, March 29, 2009


c: I've gotten shut down & cheatin on by girls so many times, I'm use 2 it, believe me don't worry I understand
me: thats somethin I will never understand
me: cheatin
me: I think it's stupid...
me: if your'e with somebody. why do anything else with anyone else??
me: if you feel tempted, to do something.. thats tellin you that theres something wrong with the relationship your'e in, either fix it, or end it...
me: theres no point whatsoever
me: but at the same time, not everyone thinks the way as I do.
c: =/ well I guess you can say there's just not thaat many girls these days that are able 2 stay with one guy
me: i think relationships these days are sad.. they dont last
c: I mean idk I guess im just ready 2 settle with some1 I've already been thru my share of relationships & mess arounds im just ready 2 chill & be with just 1 girl thaat I know would make me happy & of course allow me 2 make her happy ass well
c: Well some people do take it seriously, its just sometimes we let that person we could be happy with slip right by us
me: thats somethin I know I've been thru alot...and heart breaks are one of the worst pains
me: i rather be by myself.....'

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