Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Such A Fool

And to think I was going fucking crazy missing you.
Thinking about you day and night.
All I did was dream about you.
I had to see you one more time..
I had to know if my feelings were still there
of course they was...
Always mad at you, but the love never faded.
It was all a front.
I was crazy nervous just walking up to you...
I had the crazy knots, twist and turns killing me in my stomache
My heart kept racing.
I tried to be a tough ass...
but the first thing I did was smile....
especially once I saw those laugh lines I was always crazy about.
But you know what?
Thank you for showing me who you truly are.
I shouldve never wasted my time
How the hell did I manage to fall in love with such an asshole?
Your'e so untrustworthy.
Im so mad at you...
but even more mad at myself..
I should've known better...
I should've been cautious...
I should've never fallen for those lovey dubby eyes.
I'm such a fool.
All I could do was walk away,
I'm glad I didn't turn around, it would've been so hard for me to see you're face anymore.
No more goodbyes.. cuz this is it.
Cuz from now on, there's no turning back.
You lied straight to my face...
Cuz that's what fucking liars do.


J-A-M said...

wow, i thought i been thru some bad ish, all i gotta say is try to keep your head up.=o}

Royal Empress said...

I know that feeling all too well. Don't worry Minxy...it gets better believe or not.