Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Been Awhile... Where Do I Start?

Maybe here:
I need you to understand, that we can't be friends. Or anything else for that matter. If I ever see your face again, I would want to chop your head off... that's how much anger I feel towards you.
Tu no me amas. So deja de dicirme que eso es lo que tu sientes... Tu nunca me amastes, so deja me quieta. Y yo sera bien feliz.
On another note, The extra time I been having, is being used quite wisely.... my first and only true love...
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my art. I just finished purchasing a whole bunch of new canvases and more paint... I can't wait to get started... and... yes, there's an and... It's been quite awhile since I have painted on any bodies.... so, I'm glad to say I have a big number of models lined up to be painted... so get ready and be prepared...Hopefully they'll blow you away... here's a really old pic I did, to give you an idea...
Anyway, Life has been alright, I guess I really can't complain cuz I'm still breathing.

ps. I think you should know that you should.....
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Yocus said...

please paint on me :)

minxy said...

i would love 2 sam =]