Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm Not Afraid To Say, I'm ADDICTED To...

make-up Pictures, Images and Photos
1. graffiti
2.fishnet stockings
5.long big curly hair
6.pretty faces and white pictures
8.neon green
9.the autumn
10.making funny faces
11.jumping at random times.
12. beetlejuice
13.acting dumb
14.people watching
15.anything with black and white stripes
16.bright funky nails
17.getting high off my upper lip in pictures =]
20.guys with tattoos
21.cookie dough icecream
22.white macadamian cookies from subways
23.acrylic paint camera
25.majarete up girls
27.looking at old school flicks
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M.HeartStar said...

i love your addictions...
B?TW how do you know about the
SPIFFY blog?

minxy said...

from ur blog

Yocus said...

I was fixing up my myspace and i couldn't deside how to talk about myself... i like the why you explained yourself... if you dont mind... i am going to hook my shit up.. like this post <3

minxy said...

no prob. love