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City Hall, How We Adore Thee

collection of chris leverette Postcard City Hall and Subway, New York
chris leverette
Fred Guenther. city hall.
Fred Guenther
City Hall was the ceremonial terminal of the first subway project in New York, the place where the mayor could show off the subway built with the people's money to benefit the greatest city in the country. The official start of construction took place on 24 March 1900 at the front steps of City Hall, on the site of the station.
Unfortunately, for all that, it was never an important station. It was located on the turning loop for local trains from uptown, and both those and the express trains could be easily taken at the very nearby Brooklyn Bridge station.
David Kobayashi city hall
David Kobayashi
I think it's absolutely beautiful. I would love to go and see it for myself one day. of course take photographs. I was bored at home and I have a fetish for thinking of one random thing and googling it. Learning something new each day. I decided to look up abandoned train station in New York City.
They have a whole bunch believe it or not.
But this one caught my eye.
The history is awesome.
Fred Guenther. city hall 2
Fred Guenther
If you take the out of service 6 train all the way to the last stop you will see the abandoned station. I have seen it, very quickly of course you have to watch fast.
The conductor has access the key that opens a door that lets you on the platform.
But he's not able to do so. This station has been closed off for years.
I was told they do tours, But I have no way in knowing if thats right, or if they still do so...
Richard Panse city hall
Richard Panse
entrance city hall uptown
Entrance to Subway, City Hall Park. Post Office Shown at the Left. Copyright, 1904, Pierre P. Pullis
Pierre P. Pullis
Look at the difference in the scenery. Can you imagine yourself living in that time?
Pleated skirts to your ankles. Mostly trolleys, not that many ipod, face book...yikes!
I think it would've been interesting...Learn something new.
ed levine postcard city hall
Ed Levine

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