Friday, January 8, 2010

Now That's Love

I walked into his house today, his mother and little sister sitting at the kitchen table. I take off my hoodie, and in my pocket of the hoodie I had a pack of oreos, crumbled. Like if a fat guy did a body slam on em. So his little sister sees the oreos.. and goes..ooooooooooo.... and I'm laughing and say..ooooooooooooo... with her.
We love us some oreos. I tell her they are crumbled, and we joke about throwing them in a bowl of vanilla ice cream... which sounded awesome at the time...except we had no ice cream.
She goes upstairs, washes her hair. I sit in the living room with the boyfriend, we watch a movie.
About 45 minutes into the movie she runs down the stairs, holding a ziplock bag in her hand and a note stapled to the ziplock. It reads: " Enjoy your non crushed oreos. Love, Irene"
The ziplock was stuffed with oreos.
Now that's love.

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