Friday, January 8, 2010

Marriage= Hell

Where do I even start? Or not start in this case.
When your a little girl, your mother preaches over you, about fairytales and prince charmings.
The media rearranges the little brain cells you have left to believe that all you see on television can become reality. They constantly sell you the dream.
Coming from a broken home with a lot of love, I was a tomboy when I was younger.
I don't remember daydreaming about the day I got married, until recently.
I never wanted to get married. I found no point for it.
Lately, that's all I have been thinking about and I feel absolutely stupid... what the hell made me change my mind? A boy of course.
I'm glad I'm back to my old self.
I still love you. But no marriage. What's the point of a piece of paper?
I'mma lose it anyway.
It's me for damn sakes.
I can make a commitment without having to involve the government, I dont like them anyway.
In 10 years the government labels you together anyway.... and lets face it... marriages now a days, dont last.
I want to be with you, because I want to be there for you. I want you to be there for me because I want you to want to be there for me.
Marriage becomes work, I dont want us to become a job. Not by force.
But who knows,maybe in time my mind will change again.
People tend to forget, or they dont realize,
I'm not a tomboy anymore.
I'm a girl.

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Royal Empress said...

Speaking from experience....yes it can be hell depending on who you are in it with. My ex was not ready for it so he made it uncomfortable and difficult. The person I'm with now is totally different and makes me think that a good marriage is possible. With or without the paper.