Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How I'm Feeling

I lose sight of the days cuz they all look the same, and I wish I had wings and enough strength to take me to where I need to go, which is anywhere but here. im tired of the same songs that never die on the radio, tired of the corners I turn each day. I wish for a new and bright beginning that won't fade. I'm tired of small canvases that contain nothing, I want a blank full size canvas so I can start a new and paint whatever my heart desires with no rules that I would eventually break. I want to strive,not to become the best, but to become my best. To be happy in whatever it is I decide to do, whatever it is I decide to lead, whoever it is that is there to see me shine. I want to live and not hideaway in the middle of four walls. there's so much more out there. not only sirens, the sound of babies crying, mothers screaming
gunshots poppin, pounds smacking, radios blasting,microwaves beeping, televisions glaring,his mouth yapping. I want to breathe a polluted air and magically once I exhale ill be breathing fresh air, that's close to blue waters, not green. I want to roll around in mothers natures sand, not the man next to the guy that's near me made. I want to stare up and actually see the stars not the lightbulbs in the poles. I want my biggest problem to be what spf should I pick.

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