Thursday, January 22, 2009




A)One of the most obvious is an avoidance of eye contact. Some people generally have problems making eye contact, but if you are talking to a person you know well and you know they don’t have this problem or if they usually have no problem looking into your eyes as you speak, there is obviously a problem.
Aside from a complete unwillingness to look you in the eyes, eyes that dart around often or move from one object to another are another indication of lying.

B) The face often becomes more tense or tight, specifically around the forehead and between the eyebrows.

C)When a person is lying, their voice will actually become higher pitched and they may try to make light of things or use sarcasm in a way that isn’t customary for them. For example, if you are talking to your boyfriend and asking him if he had lunch with his ex-girlfriend, instead of saying something like, “No, I didn’t have lunch with her,” he may say something sarcastic like, “Yeah, we had lunch and then we got married.”

D)You can also spot a liar when they begin getting overtly and unreasonably defensive with your line of questioning. Becoming defensive or angry quickly is a way of projecting their guilt, but it also a way of deflecting your questions in order to make you feel guilty. For example, if a woman asks her husband why he was really late coming home from work and angrily, he responds, “Why do you always do this? Why are you always looking for something that isn’t there? You’re so paranoid!”, it’s probably just him feeling guilty and angry for being caught.

E)Another way to spot a liar is by noticing whether the untrue answers to your questions are slightly delayed or answered with a question. For example, if you ask where he or she went for dinner and they say, “Where did I go for dinner?”, it’s a surefire sign of a lie. By answering your question with another question, they are giving themselves time to think of a lie.

F)Fidgeting while speaking can make a lie apparent.

Everyone lies - everyone - and sometimes it’s OK. Often, telling a little white lie can be harmless, especially if it is done to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. It has been said that when women lie it is usually to make other people feel good and when men lie, it’s more self serving and is usually done to make themselves feel good.

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