Thursday, January 29, 2009

You Were Never There

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Feeling the space inside my soul, never seemed so empty. I deeply reach inside trying to grasp something, anything at luck, just pure air. Tired of being by myself, I may be with you now, but I'm really alone.
Sometimes I just wanna cry, sometimes I just wanna scream.
Did you know I constantly daydream of the day where I would finally find myself floating, higher than any cloud, never physically.I learned the hard way that people always tell you the things you wanna hear.promise me,help me see,guide me to finally find that level of happiness. You were never there, you missed out on everything, I finally found you, so why is that it seems as if you're farther from me than ever?
i believe theres a way,dont leave me with all this pain. I can't do it alone.

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