Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Tired of Dating Losers

I want someone real,
loves my personal appeal,
not a cheat,
wont drag his feet,
aint discreet,
wont deceit,
mistakes, wont repeat
wont make me feel incomplete,
got a banging meat ( yea i said it! )
make love in the bedroom suite,
or the backseat
that'll be his treat =D
yeah, I'm a freak ;]
don't get me wrong, I ain't no woman of the street.
I still know how to cook and clean
fix the bed sheets,
he can ask me and no one else for a "trick or treat"
and I will agree
to a tolerable degree
if he can't handle me, he can hit the high street


abhi said...

" i can't read peoples mind
and its like oranges
i peeled for the sweet
and end up in sour and sorrows "

"I'm Tired of Dating Losers"

minxy said...


J-A-M said...

i can totally level with this poem, nice yob=)

Royal Empress said...

Love is bitter sweet. Sometimes we get more than we bargain for but when it's up, it's like we're floating above the clouds. That type of high makes it worth the lows (boy have I had my fair share of lows).

Excellent poem!

minxy said...

hhahahah thanks guys