Sunday, April 26, 2009


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omg! i went to club with KASH........ night was fucking crazy!
so we're standin in line... and she goes, omg, minx! shes holding a whip!
I'm like.. thats weird.. whatever floats her boat i guess...
5 minutes later, we still waiting in line... KASH says, minx look... you can see all up in her shirt...
i'm like... kash, maybe she wants to show her boobs!
let her
we get inside...met up with two friends from TUTIs job inside...
apparently, KASH and i had missed the memo...
we see strippers on the pole!
doing all sorts of shit , i secretly wish i could do!
daaaaaaaamn, she must have some powerful ass thighs if she can hold her self up there for so long!
i see men gettin wipped in the corner
naked boobies shakin in an other
i literally saw a womans ass shakin...cellulite and all
so everyones all skimpied out....
boobs everywhere, ass everywhere
and KASH and i are in puffy dresses lookin all cute
while everyone is lookin all sexy and naked

fuck it.... what could we do...KASH and i made the best out of it..
we started dancing like crazy to the techno!
funny ass night!


J-A-M said...

man that sounds like a fun club!!!lolz i need to hit up a techno club one of dese dayz!!!

minxy said...

lol.. i'm pretty sure you would've enjoyed this one!

Royal Empress said...

And you didn't call me to go with you? I feel like a red-headed step child =( I'm still in NY until 5/7 so if you have another crazy adventure...HOLLA!