Sunday, April 26, 2009


So who[thats what i call him] took me to south side seaport...

havent been there in a hot minute

it was a surprise date...

and then we walked thru some financial building to get to the WTC

and then we walked to battery park.

it was beautiful

Battery Park Pictures, Images and Photos

i had never been there....

i thought it was amazing

and the whole time I'm thinking....

daaaaaaaaaaamn, born in ny

raised in ny

lived my whole life in ny

and i know shit about ny

thats just so fucking sad....

i feel like a tourist

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Royal Empress said...

Join the club. And me moving to Nebraska is still no excuse. I should still be able to say I've been to this place and that place. Funny...I was thinking of going to the Empire State buuilding because the last time I was there I was too young to truly appreciate it. Glad you had fun =)