Thursday, September 10, 2009

all grown up

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My baby sis in law is getting so big.....
which made me think... i remember when i was that age...11 to precise.. damn, how time went by so fast.... now i got boobs..not much...but i got em...hahahahaha
I was always a lil tomboy, so barbies was never the was more like footballs... but I remember 5th and 6th grade... that's when wrestling, wwf, was awesome... i had my own lil crew. everyone was a different character.
scott was xpac.
delilah was china.
raoul was triple h.
and etc.
i just happened to be lita.
lol.... o man, i know!
we used to pick fights with everybody..just beatin up random people in the hallways... yeah i guess you can say i was a bully.
ok... i was a bully hahaha
then my name changed dramatically to steeltoe....
but thats because i started kicking all the boys...
lol... i was never messed with, always messed with others.
I was average. not ugly. not pretty. just there....
i know whatever boys wasnt scared of gettin kicked had a crush on me... but i never paid mind to them.
7th grade came and thats when i first started to notice boys, and the kickin stopped a little... even though i had to remind some that that fury was still there! hahahaha
end of seventh grade going on 8 i had my first"boyfriend"
if you can call him that.
he was short.pale. had silky smooth hair in a mushroom haircut.
we dated for like 6 months. and it was so pure and innocent. we never kissed. i think we hugged once... and we held hands like about 7 times maximum. lol
and that's cuz the first time one of our friends had forced us.=]
what a good friend.hahaha
i remember i was sooo nervous.
that ended sure enough. and who knows where hes at. maybe somewhere across the world.
i'm pretty sure bumping into him will be nice.... but i dont want to... it will ruin the good memory that i have.
some things are better left that way. And i have no problem with that.
But now.....I may not be completely grown up.... but I'm getting up there...
I have a wonderful husband who loves my retarded ways.
I may not be kicking boys anymore... but I've been told I got a pretty good right hook.
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