Friday, September 11, 2009

Help,Cuz I'm Confused

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How many people have you said '' I love you '' to? romantically of course?
I can honestly say I've only said it to two men.
And I have been told this many times, by many different types of men. That doesn't mean I say it back. Just because were dating, it does'nt mean I love you. It means were dating.
I would never say it to someone if I didn't mean it.
So why is it that people say it so loosely, as if it was a sneeze... and you say "bless you"?
I really don't understand.
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Is it just to get some ass?
Cuz that won't work either.
So why do people say I love you when they don't mean it?
Maybe because they have nothing else to say? They mistook 'like' for love? Or, they were forced. They feel obliged to say it because that's what's being expected from them.
They are immature and don't truly know what love means
I understand that we all need to hear that we are loved, it makes us feel good about ourselves, and gives us confidence in ourselves, but you dont need to say it to every woman you date. There is a tradition in our society that says that men aint supposed to say "I love you" until after you have known the person for a long time, so that the words make the woman feel more special.... why you gonna wanna make a stranger feel special?
I think the words have become overused and are losing their meaning.
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Sometimes we do not know we are in love, until what we love the most is gone.
Sometimes we think we are in love, only to find out it was not what it seemed, we just loved (or lusted) after it.
I think the best way to describe being in love is when you look at that one certain person and you realize how perfect their imperfections are, how you love every little detail about them, how you imagine yourself growing old with them, and the reverberating effect of that lasting first kiss, all at one time. Loving someone is saying okay sure i care about this person because they are either there for you or you care about what happens to them........ but being in love with someone is much deeper than that . being in love is soo much deeper than that you care so much for the other person that your willing to lie down your life for them do anything for them ......... you care about them so much that you dont know what you would do without them feel misrable when they are mad at you or aren't around you. when they are in your presence your heart becomes heavy and just thinking about them puts you in a state where all you do is want them more. so yes there is a big difference between the two.

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ExD11207 said...

i tottally agree wit you... i mean look at it thiis way.. a man is only allowed 3 great women in his lifetime. make them count because once you get to that 3rd and if you screw it up theres no coming back for you.. and if there is a little hope it would be very difficult 2 overcome... i must say i am in a very loving relationship as we speak and i wouldnt trade it for anything else on this planet, but i have made that mistake as a guy.. i have told more then 2 women i love them, perhaps i didnt mean it but i shouldnt have been saying sumthin i didnt mean understand? but idk i guess sometimes guys get lost in love and they mistake one thing for another which is no excuse because if your confused about something so serious you shouldnt be dealing with it in the first place right? well gota go... ttyl.. i enjoyed your blog hope 2 see alot more.. later=]