Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Love of My Life Is In Tuff Competition

You all know that art/graffiti is the love of my life... but there's a new sheriff in town because there's some heavy competition...
aaaaaah.... the boyfriend.
How well things seem to be going, but hopefully that doesn't jinx anything. Going strong. Of course there were speed bumps, roller-coasters and many mood swings... and I'm sure they're not over. I know we have much more to deal with, look forward to, regret and learn from. Hey, we're still young =]
His temper is horrible, his patience is low, his attitude is horrendous .... But guess what?
His kisses make me smile, his smile makes my day and his hugs are truly amazing, his snappy remarks make me laugh and when he grabs my hip with his force... it drives me wild!
So you better believe I'm not going anywhere.
Plus graff can't get too jealous because now I offically have a partner that's down for anything... from kisses to paint. from hugs to cans and roof spots.... the city is all ours....

1 comment:

B-hot_B-smart said...

pleaseeee quit graf and stick to suckin ya man dick ruinin this thing we love ..this a dark sport and u bird brains aint ready for action

old stick the god of war all up in yo mouf like cavitys ...oldschool rules in out gone 90s world forever