Sunday, September 27, 2009

All Stressed Out

I'm so dead inside, my eyes burn just from staring at this screen... everything seems to be going wrong. It's not just one, two, three or fours things... It's everything. Sometimes maybe it's better to not care. Let everything crash and burn, don't let it faze me.... I'm so tired of it all...I don't wanna shed anymore tears. I'vw done enough of that.
I wanna be free from all the pain that I'm dealing with.

I'm dying inside..praying that my heart gets to float again. Yet, it only sinks.....deeper and deeper into the pit of my stomache.


ANTIC said...

i'Ve known you for what? i wanna say 5yrs maybe less,i'm srry i could be wrong..but my point is,is that i know you are strong and can handle anything,your a fighter. So just remember you can overcome anything and everything,don't let nothing bring you down..

Love you MINX,from ANTIC

minxy said...

thanks hun.... you know i love you